What Causes Heating Of The Air Ducts?

Air ducts in HVAC systems get dirty and dusty when they come in contact with the outdoor air. The outdoor air that comes inside the homes is full of harmful pollutants and dirt. As a result, this dirt and other unwanted particles get accumulated on the air ducts damaging the machines, if not cleaned regularly. It often causes over heating of the air ducts that might result in damaging the machine in the long run.

Heated air ducts also give build up mold and dust on the surface of the ducts and that directly impacts the functioning of the machinery. Hence, it is extremely important to regularly check the air ducts and inspect for cleaning.

The cleaning of your air ducts usually depends on various factors, most importantly how regularly you use the air ducts. If the usage is quite high, there are chances that heating might happen too often and the need for regular cleaning would be more than usual. If the usage of the air conditioner is not very high, the ducts will not get heated easily and thus, ducted heating cleaning service Melbourne is not regularly required. It is usually recommended to keep a regular check on your machinery and see if the ducts are hot. If the air conditioner gives out foul smell or warm air, it is a sign that the ducts are heated and now they require some maintenance.

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