How To Clean Commercial Air Ducts

How to clean commercial air ducts?

It is highly recommended to get your commercial machineries checked and cleaned regularly. For commercial spaces, the usage of machineries like air conditioners etc. is the highest, they are probably working all day as long as there are people working in the space. Hence, more usage will result in more wear and tear and thus, cleaning air ducts becomes extremely important.

Commercial air duct cleaning entails various important steps that are very necessary to ensure the machineries are well-maintained. This cleaning also ensures that the dirt, dust, other unwanted particles are removed from the air ducts. Always hire a Professional For Commercial Air Duct Cleaning as they will reach every single component of the machine including the following:

Motor and fan housing

Supply and return air ducts

Diffusers and grilles

Drain or drip pans

Heat exchangers

Cooling and heating coils

Unit housing

Internal air ducts

It is often possible that we do not realise how dirty the air ducts are as the dirt and the dust particles are not visible to the human eye but they might cause very harmful diseases to people who breathe in the air circulated from these air conditioners. Hence, it is recommended to clean these air ducts regularly depending on the usage. If you have a very high usage of the air conditioner, the air ducts must be cleaned every three to four months, if the usage if not that high, cleaning once in six months should be enough. However, if you get foul smell in the air, or spot dirt patches on the machine, it is wise to call for a duct cleaning service provider to check if the air ducts are damaged or dirty.

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