How Often Should Residential Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Air ducts are responsible to circulate clean and fresh air in your house. These need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain the hygiene level and ensure clean air is circulated in the entire house. The air ducts often get build up mold and other pollutants that can be harmful for the residents of your house. Air ducts cleaning done regularly ensures safe and sound air circulation in the entire house.

It is absolutely necessary to get your air ducts cleaned as the air that comes in from outside the house is full of dust, and harmful pollutants that might cause serious illness.

When should you clean your air ducts?

If you are moving into your new home, it might be a good idea to clean your air ducts once before moving in to ensure passage of clean air for the first few years, at least

If you are a smoker, or own a pet, it is recommended to get your air ducts cleaned once a year to maintain good condition of the machinery

Excess dust or debris: If there is construction work happening closer to your home, there are chances that the dust and sand particles might penetrate into your house and pollute the air as well as get accumulated on the air ducts. Hence, it is recommended to clean your air ducts regularly, in such cases

If your family suffers through respiratory diseases, such as Asthma and the reason behind the same is harmful indoor air, then it is high time to get your air ducts cleaned to ensure passage of clean air.

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