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1. Can old ductwork make you sick?

Yes, dirty air ducts can cause several health problems. In residences or commercial spaces that have filthy ductwork units, occupants might get troubled with symptoms that are identical to the signs of flu or allergies, including sneezing, coughing, dry throat, skin rashes, watery eyes, and runny nose. Mould, mildew, dust, and other impurities accumulated in your air ducts and vents could also induce headaches, dizziness, lethargy, and sore throat.

2. Can I replace ductwork myself?

Although it is possible to replace your ductwork using DIYs, one thing you should understand is that ductwork consists of several intricate parts which if not handled with care can cost you a fortune. Lack of knowledge and proper equipment can do you more harm than good. Therefore, It is highly recommended to get help from professional duct repair specialists as they have years of expertise and access to advanced tools that allow them to quickly replace your ductwork unit efficiently and with minimal downtime.

3. Is it Essential to Get The Filters Cleaned in Air Conditioners?

Yes, it is true. As summer approaches, you can check your air conditioner’s air filter monthly to determine whether it should be cleaned. Particles can accumulate in the filter and clog the airflow. Thus, your air conditioner’s cooling power will be reduced because electricity is used to push air through the blocked filters, which is not energy efficient. Mechanical failure would also be more likely.

4. How do we understand if our air ductsare blocked by dust and its causes?

There are a few factors that can help us determine this.

  • Dust is blowing out of your ducts, or do they smell?
  • A few things are known to set it off:
  • The temperature in your rooms may be different from one room to the next, for example.
  • Energy bills that are higher than expected because of seasonal changes.
  • A foul smell may also be coming from your vents.

Only certain rooms in the building may be affected by a blocked air duct, rather than all of them. As a result, your HVAC system will have to work harder to adequately cool or heat that room, increasing your energy bills.

5. How Often Should You Clean Ducts in a House?

For maximum efficiency, air ducts require regular maintenance just like any other HVAC system. It is recommended that air ducts be cleaned every 3 to 5 years, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). It is possible to extend the recommended cleaning period to 6-8 years by using certain methods.

6. Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

Not at all. Duct Cleaning is essential to circulate good quality air in your homes that would avoid a plethora of respiratory diseases.

7. What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Duct Cleaners?

Professional duct cleaners in Melbourne follow a systematic approach towards duct cleaning and can resolve all your issues with ease and expertise.

8. What is the Duct Cleaning Process Time?

A crew of at least two technicians needs two to four hours to clean the air duct system of a typical single-family home. Houses that are older or have pets may require more time to clean.

9. Do You Have a Same Day Service Option?

Yes, we do have a same day service option that allows you to avail of our services on the day of booking.

10. How do you accept payments?

We accept payment in a variety of ways because we value our customers’ time. Payments can be made with a bank check, a debit or credit card, or even in cash.

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