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        Why pick Ace Duct Cleaning Melbourne?

        Ace Duct Cleaning Melbourne is one of the leading Air Duct Cleaning Companies in Melbourne. We pride ourselves for our sheer professionalism and expertise.

        The reasons, why you should pick us, are as follows:

        • We are completely Australian owned and run.
        • At All Times We Behave with Fairness and Dignity.
        • Our experts are keeping legitimate police checks which are reliable.
        • Total public liability protection
        • For our customers, we are focussed on achieving the highest degree of satisfaction.
        • We are proud of putting our clients' interests above any other priority.
        • We guarantee complete customer delight
        • Our experts have the experience to provide residential and commercial property ductwork cleaning in the same way.
        • We have 15 years of experience, that allows us to implement the job with perfection right at the first time.
        • We avail the most current innovations and techniques for duct cleaning, including high-quality

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          The Advantages of Cleaning Ducts by a Professional

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            Improved Health By minimising dust and allergens, Duct Cleaning will enhance the health of you and your neighbours. Every year, 20 kilos of dust is created in a typical house with 6 rooms!

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            Savings from Money Dust Cleaning saves your money by enhancing the productivity of your HVAC system and reducing your energy bills by a margin of 19 per cent. This indirectly extends the life of the system.

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            A Cleaner Home If you have to struggle with dust all the time in your house, it could probably be because of the ducts that are circulating dust. Duct Cleaning helps you to have cleaner homes and saves your time that you spend in cleaning.

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            Statistics on Duct Cleaning Such figures elaborate the value for your air ducts of periodically arranging duct cleaning. If the HVAC system in your house possess filthy ducts, you could be full of air pollution, dust, chemicals, pollen, mould, bacteria, and dander in the air you breathe in your home. Because of the danger of overheating, dirty ducts can also lead to fire disasters.

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          Our Approach to Duct Cleaning Services

          Our approach is not complex but highly effective five-step process for duct cleaning at Ace Duct Cleaning:


          We adopt a special procedure at Ace Duct Cleaning Melbourne to guarantee that the duct system is efficiently cleaned.

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          To ensure the device is operating correctly without any unsafe leaks or defects, we perform a carbon monoxide test.

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          Prior to the blasting away of contaminants using compressed air, we remove all the grills and air filters.


          With compressed air, our team systematically clean the fan, engine, air filter and other internal components.


          Using a natural Tea Tree Oil Based Compound, the system is sanitised leaving it fresh and clean.

          To keep your family protected from any undesired diseases, get your ductes washed regularly.

          FAQs On Ace Duct Cleaning

          Yes indeed. During the peak season, you can check the air filters in your air conditioner monthly to see if it should be cleaned or not. Trapped particles can accumulate and clog the airflow in the filter. This will decrease the cooling power of the air conditioner, aka, part of the electricity that your air conditioner absorbs will devote to overcoming the airflow through the blocked filters, which is not energy efficiency. And it would also raise the potential for mechanical failure.

          On a hot day, the evaporative cooler should be switched on a little earlier rather than waiting for the building to turn hot. This should be done as it works efficiently when the temperature outside is cooler. Also, ensure that the duct units are cleaned timely which will help the machine to work properly thereby increasing the airflow.

          We can know through few factors like:

          • Are your ducts blowing dust out or are they smelling bad?
          • There are a few common triggers to it:
          • If the temperature in your different rooms are varied.
          • If your energy bills have increased and more than expected with seasonal changes.
          • Also, if the foul smell has been emitted through your ducts.

          If you have a specific air duct that is blocked, then there are possibilities that only a few specific rooms in the building are cut off by air, but not all of them. And since that room cannot reach the temperature you set on your thermostat, your HVAC system will have to work rigorously to adequately cool or heat that room which directly increases your energy bills.

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